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  DSLR cameras are capable of producing excellent videos in addition to stunning photographs, but how user friendly are these cameras for video? Designed originally for still photography there is much to be desired when shooting video with a DSLR. Inventors and manufacturers have found this to be a fertile ground for producing equipment intended to alleviate the shortcomings. Today DSLRs are also facing competition as the ranging master of photography from mirror-less cameras, which produce excellent images and in addition make shooting video using a viewfinder much more convenient. The benefit of having both still and video functions in the same camera can be debated. I personally appreciate cameras with the combined feature since I like both still photography and video and prefer carrying around minimal amount of equipment. I realize that film-making require more preparations and a quite different approach to the subject than still photography and therefore may warrant separate specialized cameras.
       As a non-professional photographer I do not use top-of-the-line equipment, but I like to pay attention to the technical image quality nonetheless. Having in the past mostly used my cameras for family, vacations, landscapes and architecture I am presently more interested in using my camera for producing inspirational or thought promoting images. Today in our digital age a photograph or a video is increasingly less reliable in truthfully conveying the character of an object, a place or an event because images can easily be manipulated electronically. Not only that, a photograph and a video scene is always the subjective choice of the cameraman or his/her supervisor. Electronic manipulations and subjective choices of scenes make all images, still photos and videos, a mixture of fiction and facts.
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