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    Some of my artwork I am displaying here is done in the old fashion way with pencils, pens, pastel crayons, watercolors and with oil paints. However, many of my newer art work is produced on either the Apple iPad Pro or the Microsoft Surface Pro

    Below are a number of programs or apps, which I have tested on my devices. All these programs tend operate in a similar way, but each one has its idiosyncrasies, strengths and shortcomings. This makes each program often good for one type of tasks, while less good for another. However, many of these mostly low-cost programs provide amazing abilities to produce art works for a skilled user. Other programs, not included on my list, have more advanced feature sets to even better meet the needs of professional artists, graphic artist and designers.


iPad OS apps                              Layers
Procreate                                         yes
SketchBook                                     yes
Adobe Sketch                                  yes
Adobe Draw                                     yes
ArtRage                                           yes
MediBangPaint                                 yes
Linea                                             limited
Comic Draw                                     yes
Concepts (vector/paint)                 limited
Painter                                            yes
Sketches Pro                                   yes
Pen & Ink                                        yes
Windows 10 apps/programs
Sketchable                                     yes
Mischief                                         yes
SketchBook                                   yes
MediBang Paint                              yes
ArtRage                                         yes
Fresh Paint                                     no
Inkscape (vector program)              yes
Paint 3D                                         no
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