by Stefan Ahlblad

   This site is intended for anyone having an interest in photography, video or design. Although I have some  background in art and visual media, I still consider myself an amateur when it comes to the art of photography. My past use of cameras have been mostly limited to recording events and places. More recently I have taken a more active interest in exploring the possibilities of using cameras for both still photography and video and taking advantage of  digital photo and video editing.

    It is easy to get involved with the technical part of photography. However photography, videography, design and architecture are in the end visual arts that aims at visual attractiveness and harmony. My short videos, photo albums and design sketches reflect my current skill level and will be replaced, with some irregularity,  with new potentially improved material. I advice visitors to return to my site to discover new material. Stay tuned for updates.  

    Be aware that many pages on this site are hidden from view unless you click on the images. Clicking on images will direct you to new pages or return you to a previously visited page. I am  also including links to other websites with information relating to the subject matter on a particular page. Depending on your interests you may find these links quite useful.

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BOSTON Architecture & Landmark

A guidebook to Boston by Stefan Ahlblad with visuals and descriptions about Boston's built environment from colonial times to present. It is designed as an easy to use companion  for self-guided walks around downtown  Boston and Cambridge.

Available at