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Surface Pro and iPad Pro (and other tablets) as art tools

   The Surface Pro and the iPad Pro supplied with their respective pen and pencil are both very capable tools for creating sketches and artistic paintings. The iPad is instantly ready for doodling while the Surface resembling a laptop requires a few more steps to resume artistic work. There are many more art related apps for the iPad to choose from compared to the Windows platform. However, the Surface Pro can run full featured, though more expensive desktop applications.

   For the iPad there are many good and low-cost art applications such as Procreate,  Adobe Sketch and Adobe Draw (require occasionally an annoying sign-in procedure), Linea Sketch, Concepts, MediBang (also for Windows), Sketches Pro and Comic Draw and others. ArtRage is a full featured application for Windows. There is also an iPad version of ArtRage, which is scaled down and is not on par with the much more expensive Windows version.

    All these above mentioned programs seek to meet a variety of  drawing and painting needs, but they do not succeed equally well in all efforts. The programs tend to use an inconsistent interface, which requires a new learning process for each program. In terms of performance, ArtRage for Windows is, in my opinion, the only program that can imitate oil painting well. Similarly Sketches Pro, a low key samwhat limited app, does water colors better than most other programs. For overall functionality Procreate for the iPad and Sketchable for windows are very good low-cost applications.

    The tablets available today (Apple, Windows or Android) have touch screens which respond well to pens and styli and therefore the quality of the art creation experience is primarily dependent on the quality of the software being used.  

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