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    On my site you will find reviews and evaluations of cameras, lenses and digital tablets. Links to sites with related or inspirational information are geared to enthusiast photographers, videographers, digital artists and architects. 

     I intend the samples of my short videos and photo albums to remain for a limited time after which I will substitute them with new ones or expand or modify them as I see appropriate. Stay tuned for updates. 

    Clicking on an image will in most cases bring you to a new page, video or photo album. This applies also to the book cover below, which will bring you to sample pages of my architectural landmark's guide to Boston. The book contains photos and short descriptions of architectural landmarks from colonial times to present day. Maps and cross references makes it ideal for self-guided walks in the city and gives you a quick overview of Bostonís urban development from her foundation up to modern times.


BOSTON Architecture & Landmarks
For self-guided walks around downtown Boston and Cambridge.
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