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Surface Pro and iPad Pro as art tools


   Both the Surface Pro and the iPad Pro are very capable as art and drawing tools for the average person interested in sketching and casual painting. The iPad is instantly ready for doodling and can also be used for more serious artwork. There are many more and often better apps of all sorts available for the iPad. However, although the supply of low-cost and good apps for the Surface is miserable, the Surface pro  can run full featured, but more expensive desktop applications. Among the few apps my favorites are Sketchable, ArtRage and Mischief.

   For the iPad Procreate is the most full featured app combined with a stream-lined interface. 

Adobe's Adobe Sketch and Adobe Draw are two other of my favorite art apps for the iPad. Other well-designed apps include Painter, Concepts, MediBang, Sketches Pro and Comic Draw.

    The Surface Pro feels more like a laptop computer which requires more steps to begin drawing or painting. I appreciate the larger screen and the new well-designed and featured stylus with a slight resistance on the glass surface. The iPad pencil is pencil-like, but lack resistance on the glass and needs to frequently be recharged. The quality of the art creation experience on both tablets is primarily dependent on the quality of the software used.   






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