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Video Stabilizer


A Steadicam has the amazing ability to eliminate shake when walking or moving with a hand held video camera. Shooting video from a non-stationary position adds depth and three dimensionality to the video image.  

To properly function the video stabilizer must be perfectly balanced and have the exact amount of counter-weights. The adjustments and calibrations can be time consuming with many stabilizer designs. A new lens or lens attachment implies a different camera weight, which will require re-calibration. The LOKKI Stabilizers simplify this process by not requiring unscrewing and reassembling parts as part of the readjustment process. Critical components can be moved or rotated with friction adjustments.







Ipad Pro and iPad Pen


The Ipad Pro lacks an attachment for its pen.

This is an major inconvenience, which third parties have tried to resolve with mixed success.

The slides to the right show my simple solution of modifying a piece of plastic tubing (available from any hardware store) and weld it (using LazerBond "glue") to the edge of an ipad case. The pen snaps into the modified tube and remains securely fasten in place. 

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